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Benefits of having a Master Key System in a Residential or Commercial Property

Master key systems means a lock sets that are all different but accessible by one key. There are multiple locks all with different forms and keys but there will be one key to open every one. This is a great way of reducing costs by altering locks because you only need to change one key instead of every one. If you are looking for a most feasible solution for security-enhancement, then it will surely lies in the master key system. However, master key systems have several other benefits. To mention few of them are as follows.

Lock and key replacement

The most valuable aspect of having a master key system is the easiness that comes with lock and key replacement. Whenever you need to remake or repair the locks for the entry or exit of premises, you only need to change the proper locks. So instead of installing or changing more locks, you need to change one key. Thus, it supports your budget and more effective for security.

Key management

Each key only opens one door, but having the master key system will be the true and powerful source to access all the keys. The master key also helps to manage the bunch of keys with different people much easier. It restricts the unauthorized people’s access that could be risk for your home or commercial premises. Therefore, it limits the potential damage to the property owner.


Master key systems can be created for an entire complex, building, hospitals, and hotels or just for your office suite. With these master key systems you and your staff surely get secured with a single master key. Master key systems in Charlotte can custom-design your key system that is right for the specific needs of your home or commercial space. It has a greater flexibility because whenever you want to expand your system, a master key system can easily be expanded with it.

Access restriction

Large companies want some suitable way to restrict access based on an individual’s responsibility or standing within the company. If you have a high employee turnover rate or are just simply aiming to increase the security of your home or commercial establishment, you might need a master key system. The unlocking process is done according to the structured hierarchy that allows different levels of restricted entry. The managing director who carries the grand master key has access to all the doors in the building, while the other employees have restricted access to the rooms.

Master Key System.jpg


Master key systems are a great way to deter thieves and limit the risk of employee-based theft. A home or an office building or a hospital and much more commercial areas will contain important files, money, confidential information, inventory and expensive equipment that need to be safeguarded. A master key system in Charlotte can provide you with a trouble-free access, organize and maximum security in a precise way to keep your residential or commercial space safe and secure.


At Trilock Locksmith, we highly believe in the master key system and acknowledge that it isn’t for everyone! Our master key system is designed and deployed by resourcefully trained locksmiths, using state of the art technology and advanced mechanisms. If you are ready for a comprehensive design master key system or would simply like to have our locksmith services, give us a call at 980-330-9230 anytime!

Locksmith Services are the Best Solution for Trouble Shooting Door Repair and Hinges Problems

A loose butt hinge will cause a door to hang crooked, get beat, worn, and even jam. Sometimes re tighten the hinge screws is all it takes to fix the problem. But it never always works. Don’t worry, reputed locksmith companies will offer you the best door repairs & hinges in Charlotte! The expert locksmith teams in Charlotte are ready to address any of these door lock issues including the hinges for you in no time.
Door Repairs & Hinges Charlotte
Are you experiencing problems with your doors or simply would like to upgrade your old doors or locks or its hinges to newer and more secure ones? Door repairs & hinges service in Charlotte will be the best to meet your exact requirements. You can count them to be on time, very responsive and fully prepared to repair or replace your doors or its locks and hinges.
It’s important that your doors, locks, and hinges at home and works are in good working order at all the time. Each part of a door system including hinges is mutually dependent on the other parts in it. If a door is not functioning properly due to the failure of one part, the remaining parts will wear down quickly. Solving the door repairs & hinges problem early can help you to save from higher costs in a long run.
You may want to consider a re-hinging an existing door if your door is tough enough to open or is rubbing against the frame or making it difficult to open or close. Or you may like to replace a door altogether! No matter the type of door, you can trust the locksmith’s service companies to handle the door repairs & hinges.  Unlike professional locksmith service to unlock doors and make keys, they provide the best solution for door repair & hinge in home and office.
If you have a door that gives you problems and is difficult to open or shut, the Charlotte locksmith service can repair or replace it easily irrespective of the door or its hinges or its make. They can even service your door closers, panic bars, and locks at the same time. Single or double doors are not also a problem. The locksmith professionals have real experts in their business known to offer fast and cost-effective services required by clients.
Trilock Locksmith is a leading locksmith service provider in Charlotte strives to provide an unparalleled level of customer service to preserve a good reputation in the industry. We work with 100% effort with the work we do for you and make your home secure than ever. If you’re looking for cost-effective door repair or replacement done professionally by a talented locksmith in Charlotte, contact us today by calling 980-330-9230 today!

The Importance of Hiring a Car Locksmith in Charlotte

Cars are the common modes of transportation in Charlotte. This explains why your car key is one of the most important accessories as it can help you gain access to your car and start your car engine. 
Obviously, your car will be rendered immobile without the keys. Therefore, it’s advisable for the car owners to make sure they take proper care of their car keys so that it doesn’t get lost or damaged.
As a car owner in Charlotte, it’s important to have the contact details of a Charlotte car locksmith so that in case of any key lost or breakage, you can get help from a reliable locksmith. Automotive locksmiths are well-trained and skilled professionals and they will be available whenever you have any car key problems.
Charlotte Car Locksmith
But why do you hire a Charlotte car service?
1. Resolving locked out cars.
There are situations when your car lock gets broken inside the locking system or damaged. When you find yourself in such a situation, it’s necessary to contact a car locksmith to help you repair your car door lock.
If you forgot and locked your car keys inside the car, you will have to seek the assistance of a professional locksmith to help you retrieve the keys. 
2. Key replacement
When you lose your car keys and you don’t have spare keys, it can be a traumatic experience. This will make your car immobile and you’ll be stressed as you don’t have any idea about whether someone has taken them or they are lost.
With the help of a reliable car locksmith, you can always replace your lost keys right away and go on with your daily tasks. Locksmiths are known to be very mobile and knowledgeable professionals who will take shortest possible time to get to the site as well as replace the keys immediately. 
3. Help in ignition related problems
There are times when your car keys might break off in the ignition and you fail to remove them despite many attempts. If you have spare ignition keys, your car will be left grounded.
Your car locksmith will help your car get back in shape by removing the broken end in the ignition safely without causing any damage to the other parts. They will repair the ignition by replacing the current system with a new or rekeying it. 
4. Emergency lockout service 
There are certain situations when you will lock your car keys by leaving the remote inside. In this circumstance, you will either contact a mechanic or break the car. However, most of the car owners are not aware that car locksmiths can help you recover from the lockout without breaking your car window.
5. Removing broken keys. 

Your car locksmith will help you remove the broken keys from the ignition within the shortest possible time. Most of the locksmiths are dedicated professionals and have the right tools, equipment to handle all your emergency lockout-related needs.

Charlotte Car Locksmith
Conclusion –
Hire your Charlotte car locksmith through Tri-Lock Locksmith today and get all of your lockout-related requirements covered as soon as possible. For immediate availability, please contact us right now on 980-330-9230.

The Ways That Lead Your House to be the Target of Burglars

You definitely do not want your house to be the one amongst the 4 million houses that will be broken into this year. We, without even having an idea may be making our house to be targets of thieves. The best way to avoid such is to have the best of Charlotte Residential Locksmith services from us. It would also be wise to know how you are turning your house to be a soft target for thieves.

Keeping the front door open may be a way that invites the thieves into our house. The most vulnerable period of danger is between 10.00 AM and 3.00 PM when you are busy with our other works and forget to close the front door of your house. Our highly experienced and certified residential locksmiths in Charlotte are committed to delivering superb quality security solutions with ultimate professionalism and extreme dedication. This is why we have set a benchmark in Charlotte residential locksmith industry assuring clients with maximum satisfaction every time they need us.


You may also advertise about your belongings not only by telling about those to other but also displaying the empty boxes of valuable electronic goods which are visible from outside. You need to dispose of such boxes in a way that the labels are hidden so that it does not fall into the eyes of Mr. Burglar. Another way of securing your house is to have the best of Charlotte Residential Locksmith services from us at an affordable price.

We are well-trained professionals and are available 24/7 with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to handle any kind of lock repairs and installations right away. Keeping an eye on the latest technological advancements in the locksmith industry, we solely work with the high standard tools and technique.

When you are sick and especially on painkillers then your house become a target for thieves. They know that you are on medication and you may be sleeping and they will break in. So, in such situations, you can easily rely on us to make your house safe. We pleasure ourselves on offering excellent service with integrity. Yet there are many reasons you should use us for your security needs. Here’s a few to commence with.

If you wish to have such nature of professional and experienced Charlotte Residential Locksmith services at an affordable rate without any compromise on quality then you need to be with Trilock Locksmith. We are an emergency local licensed locksmith in Charlotte NC over 40 years. We provide fast and high-quality lock and key services to customers. You can easily contact us by calling us at 980-330-9230.

Care For Your Business by Hiring Commercial Locksmith Service

The trained technicians know exactly why security is the top priority for any business. People around the world believe that the leading reason why locksmiths exist is to open locked doors! This is simply not true as commercial locksmith will do something more than this! A commercial locksmith is vital in every community because they are in charge of safety and security of the society, may it be residential or automotive or business.

There are several rewards of hiring commercial locksmith’s service for all your lock & security needs. Besides getting you out of stress situations outside your commercial property they can also help to protect your business in the following ways:

Secure your business

It is significant for any business to stay a step ahead of competitors by employing a safest security system into their business. Our Commercial Locksmith professionals in Charlotte are capable of responding to all sorts of commercial locksmith needs and offer you remain safe. We understand your anxiety about the security and protection of your business and its assets. That’s why our commercial locksmith services are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our free security consultation will help you determine the loopholes in your business security. We help you to save your vital business information, your valuable stocks, documents, assets or even your finance and safe lockers.

Timely Service

The topmost benefits of working with professional Charlotte Commercial Locksmith Service is response time. We are highly efficient Commercial Locksmith Company and we are committed to responding any lockout emergencies as fast as possible. This type of service will give residential or commercial homeowners a great peace of mind because they never want to be locked in or out for long periods of time. It is vital to prefer a Commercial Locksmith in Charlotte that offers fast response times and have enough skill and equipment required to get rid of the unwanted situation.

Handle any lockout emergency

A professional Commercial Locksmith in Charlotte should be able to handle a large variety of different key issues. Technology is changing and digital security systems are introduced inside commercial houses. Our Charlotte Commercial Locksmiths are trained and skilled enough to handle any lock issues. We have a clear understanding of the new lock features and we have training, knowledge, and equipment that need to get the job done instantly with trusted solutions. Commercial owners can experience less anxiety when they have access to our highly trained Commercial Locksmith services during any lockout emergency.

Commercial Locksmith in Charlotte

We offer our varied Commercial Locksmith services to meet the requirement of our customers. Few of them are as follows:

•    Heavy-duty locks and deadbolts

•    Door repair & replacement

•    Jammed door lock opening

•    Broken key extraction

•    Master key systems

•    Door locks rekeying and key duplication

•    Advanced access control systems

•    Keyless entry systems


At Trilock Locksmith, we offer a wide range of locksmith solutions to meet your specific security requirements at affordable prices. You will always receive an honest and fair estimate from us. With our elevated quality security systems, you can have a complete control of your business!


Residential Locksmith in Charlotte: Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security

Do you want to protect your family? Then the first thing you need to do is protect your home! There are several ways to improve your home security, from which you should choose the right one to enjoy the best results. With an optimal level of security, you will get a chance to minimize the threat and protect the vulnerable areas in and around your home. You can also rely on a professional residential locksmith in Charlotte to get the best security solutions for your home.

Here are some of the useful tips to enhance and strengthen your home’s security, please have a look!

1. Change the Door Locks:


When you are moving into a new home, then you should remember to change all the door locks. You may not know before you moved into the house who had access to the keys. This makes it important to change the door locks and enjoy an optimal level of home security. In case, you lost the keys to your home, then it is important to replace all the door locks to increase your home security.

2. Install Alarm System:

One of the best forms of home security-the alarm system helps in strengthening the residential property’s security by preventing theft or burglary attempt. The home alarm systems immediately inform the emergency authorities and warn the homeowner of any kind of potential dangers. This makes it one of the security solutions for your home in Charlotte, NC.
3. Opt for Advance and Smart Wireless Security System:

It is found that some technically smart and intelligent burglars cut the right wires to shut the alarm or security system. In this case, to act smarter than the burglars you can install, high advanced wireless security system at your home that provides a peace of mind and ensures in increasing the security level. The wireless security systems are the best, because these have battery-operated sensors that can easily detect the motions and sends an alarm signal in case of any unwanted activities.

4. Take Care of your House Key:

It is not wise to leave your key in the mailbox or under the doormat. Make sure, your keys are placed in a safe place to prevent any kind of unwanted access. In a case, the keys of your house are stolen or lost, then you can opt for a cost-effective solution- rekeying by relying on an experienced Charlotte NC residential locksmith.

5. Light Up the Home Entrance:

One of the smart ways to keep thieves away from your home is to utilize a good amount of lighting. You can install lighting with an infrared detector that automatically turns on when someone is found in a specific area or zone.

6. Install Deadbolt Locks:

To increase your home security, you can consider installing deadbolt locks on the exterior doors. The deadbolt locks are much stronger and offer a good level of protection. Make sure hire an experienced Charlotte NC residential locksmith to get the best quality service for your deadbolt lock installation.

If you are in search for a professional and highly reliable residential locksmith in Charlotte, then contact today Trilock locksmiths. We are one of the most reliable locksmith service providers in Charlotte, NC that takes the pride of serving a huge number of homeowners. Trilock locksmiths is fully insured and licensed to deliver the highest quality service by utilizing state-of-the-art tools and equipment.
Call us today at 980-330-9230 (toll-free) to get a customized and affordable residential locksmith service in Charlotte, NC!

Charlotte Residential Locksmith – Why Do You Change Your Door Lock at Home?

Do you’ve faced a situation keeps you saying that should you change the door lock at home? It’s an unavoidable question. If you don’t have, you should be thankful to your lucky stars – for now.

But don’t be so naive. At any point of life, it’s a question you will ask yourself inevitably. Even, it will come sooner than you think. So why not know more about the Residential Locksmith solutions at Charlotte!

Here’s how:

The question of whether you should change your door lock often arises during the occurrence of following events. Well, you can hire a Charlotte residential locksmith to change or replace your door lock.

But before calling a Charlotte locksmith, you should know the situation very well –


*When you buy a new home – Buying a new home? Got your new house keys in your hands? But you didn’t build your new home right, you need to think? The chances are someone might have a set of keys to your house. It’s necessary to change the locks with a professional Charlotte locksmith.

This way, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that no previous property owner will come to ransack your home.

*When your tenants are moving in or out of your rental property – It’s no more surprising that your tenants have a copy of your house keys. There could be many duplicate keys floating around the open market.

It’s time to protect yourself and your residential possessions. Just change the old locks. Rest assured that the benefits will outweigh the costs. Be safe and stay safe by changing the key with help from Residential Locksmith in Charlotte.

*When you’ve damaged locks – Do you’ve problems while getting in or out of your house? It might be due to the deteriorate locks. You will need to have your locks changed before the things get worse.


Otherwise, it’ll be hard to get into the front doors, as the locks will stop working. Obviously, you’ll find yourself locked out.

*When you’ve lost set of house keys – Have you lost your house keys? Unsure where you’ve misplaced? It’s always wise to do change the locks.

If in case, you didn’t lose the keys but they were stolen, you can rest assured knowing you’ve done the best thing for you, your family and your assets.

* When you’re at the end of a bad relationship – Did you live with your friends for a year or five years? And your relationship ended badly? It can be a threat to your security or your possessions. So, changing locks can’t be a bad idea. Consult an ASAP Locksmith in Charlotte.

Conclusion –

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. When the above-discussed reasons come in your life, the first you should take is to call a professional Charlotte residential locksmith.

Not only will they be available at all the times, but also try their best to provide the best services as soon as possible. So what are you waiting for? If changing door locks matter you the most, call a Charlotte residential locksmith at Trilock Locksmiths and we have the best solution for your needs. Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and Pinterest. social networks!

Call us now on 980-330-9230 for immediate help from our Charlotte locksmith services.

Quick guide to modern lock repair system and its installation

Locksmith has provided security services including lock installation repairs and replacement in the Charlotte area for many years. Equipped with advanced equipment and the latest industry techniques; the skilled technicians respond quickly and provide reliable and efficient service for ignition lock repairs, key replacement and installation. Conventional bolt and key Locking systems have gone past to those that are digitally controlled. The commercial sectors especially involve the digital locking systems for entry and exit in their passage. Capacity of delivering quick service with accuracy is a decisive factor of selecting a good locksmith.


Situations when service of locksmith required-

In case of any unfortunate Lockout, such professionals can help you in unlocking the system and return back to its working condition. When you get locked out of the house or car, or realize that key is missing while shopping, the first person you think about is the professional who can care repair your door lock. As you know getting locked out of the house is a horrible feeling and quite frustrating. Honestly if a locksmith is found nearby to your house the frustration will not be last long. 

Alternate to traditional locksmith-

Large numbers of commercial house have traditional locksmith systems that go back a couple of decades. Such systems may give some inconvenience in service. Now some high-security locks that involve a few combinations with specific systems in opening and shutting are being used in commercial complex. This may be a reason you may require the need of a Commercial Locksmith professional with decent knowledge of the lever system locks and their workings. A number of Locksmith professionals in Charlotte are highly trained and are the best to rely on.


Priority Customer care-

High security lock installation and repair services can make people more safe and worry free. There will never be any surprises from Charlotte Commercial Locksmith when it comes to cost. One can enjoy the service of high security Lock Company who is best in honest skilled technician. Commercial Locksmith in Charlotte offers 24 hour service every day regardless of holiday, bad weather or mid-night. One can get the exact benefit for which the price is being paid.

Best Security system-

Locksmiths always guard your business and home like it was their own. Due to the best efforts of Commercial Locksmith in Charlotte client’s business is protected from back to front and will not have a worry about safe and protection. You may not want your office and commercial place close for long neither you feel insecure after the lock system has been forced open because of any reason. Charlotte Commercial Locksmith professionals are quick to offer their service on an emergency premise and secure your venture constantly.

Quick solution to fix the problem-

Charlotte Commercial Locksmith gives you an advantage of a quick fix if you happen to lose keys or get locked out in the middle of the night. As much inconvenient as it is, you may have the advantage of calling a locksmith nearby to help and get out of that crisis within the split of a second. A locksmith closer can come at the most inconvenient time and resolve the situation in a convenient manner.


Latest installation technology-

Commercial Locksmith in Charlotte provides high security locks and the latest technology in current locksmith industry. Latest lock technologies are so secure that people may not worry when they left their home for a day more. Locksmith is always there to take care of your needs like re-keying of the lock, replacement of a malfunctioning lock, or making of new keys. Advanced lock system in vehicles, commercial complex and houses involve broad wiring network for its installations of keyless lock systems. Locksmith professionals can encourage you relying upon latest lock technology and evaluate where it can be installed.

At Tri Lock Locksmith in Charlotte we try to make a complete study and consultation for the most up-to-date security system for your office or business. You should not take a chance to lose your hard earned assets. Protect what are yours with the most secure lock system. We are sure to send you highly trained commercial locksmiths who are licensed and bonded. For any kind of service support please call us on <980-330-9230> or can mail us at <>

Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and Pinterest. social networks!

Why Does a Charlotte Residential Locksmith Recommend a Home Safe System?

Many homeowners in Charlotte find significant peace of mind after installing a home security system in their home. Obviously, it’s for a good reason. Though there is rapid advance in technology over the years, home security systems now offer enhanced protection including video surveillance, alarm, intercoms, smart home controls, alarm monitoring and many more. All of these systems aim to ensure that the structure and contents of homes are safeguarded at all times.

But even with a latest upgraded home security system in place, many residential locksmith in Charlotte still recommend that homeowners should install a home safe as well in order to shield the most valuable items that deserve additional protection. One question arises: is this an excessive amount of security lead to unnecessary stress or should homeowners consider the installation of home safe system  at their living space in Charlotte.


Why It’s Smart to Install a Home Security System and Home Safe

Some homeowners may think the installation of these systems are nonessential – a pointless overlap in home security. But in reality, the installation of a home safe with a professional Charlotte residential locksmith is an affordable way to keep your valuables safe from intruders.

It’s obvious that, home security systems provide immense defense and much-needed layer of protection. Installing a home security system can help you feel comfortable and safe from intruders and anyone or anything else outside your front door. However, a scenario may arise that the security system is compromised temporarily, or you may invite guests to your home in who you can’t trust completely. But, if your valuables like jewelry, family heirlooms or highly precious items have been kept in a safe beforehand, you can get peace of mind knowing that your valuable possessions are out of reach.


Ask for Help from a Professional Residential Locksmith in Charlotte –

High security systems and home safe systems are becoming more of a necessity nowadays. When times are tough, some people turn to petty crime and you don’t want your home to be a target. If you’re considering the installation of a home security system or a home safe, please reach out to the Charlotte residential locksmith at Trilocks Locksmiths today. We have extensive years of experience handing client’s security needs and we are delighted to respond your home security need immediately with extreme care and personalized attention to every detail. Our fully licensed and insured residential locksmith in Charlotte can install your home safe and entire security system for your home ensuring maximum safety all the time.

When you need experienced, trustworthy residential locksmith in Charlotte, we are just a phone call away. We are available 24/7 that means we’re quite easy to get a hold of. We can’t wait more to help you make your home safer. Contact Trilocks Locksmiths to get everything you need for installation of home safe and home security system.

For more immediate help from our Charlotte residential locksmith, call us at 980-330-9230 or contact us online!

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